Memory Leak?

Since I started running WD I’ve not paid much attention to the memory usage, but a quick check shows its memory usage climbs with run time. Seems to be fairly rapid, and this with only hourly METAR .


yep, look over in my 12AM,1AM WD dies thread. Seeing it also.

is 9.54 still showing this?


I reported my memory leak issues in another thread I am using 9.54 and last night so much memory leaked I received error messages that there was not enough memory to run the FTP program. It seems to have got worse, during the day I run ‘free memory’ every couple of hours or so. Sometimes if the available memory fall to below 1MB the free memory routine will not run correctly and errors and exceptions are reported.


its real good for me
best its been for a while
and i have nearly everything enabled!
can you try turning things off until it stops?
(like anmated screen shot, I dont do that, and i did change something there)

I am using 9.54

Memory use fine for me :smiley: :smiley:

can you guys with ttrouble, port and email me your settings
wdisplay.ini from c:\windows or c:\winnt
export wdisplayftp.ini from the registry
(or wdisplay2.ini etc)

i have done some revisions to 9.54, so maybe try a fresh download?
the new server is much faster for me to upload!


FYI, with 9.53d my graphdata.inf is still getting big. It was back up around 2.5 megs and I deleted it about 2-3 hrs ago. It’s back to 418k already. No problems for several days, though. date2 is OK.

Forgot to mention, my memory use is similar to Bob’s, slowly bleeds off until I have about a .5 meg free memory left but it hasn’t stopped the FTP. I auto minimize every 3 AM. I’ve got another 128megs coming, only $9.

i had put a check in for the number of records in the real time graph (it displays the number of records at the bottom of the real time grap)
once it gets to 5000 records , it should reset
try a new 9.54

also, the memory reported under view, help is not reliable,and i would not believe it, when compared to that reported with the excellent memory reporting of NT/wibndows 2000/XP’s task manager
i will find a better method