Memory leak Transparentimage.exe in WD 10.370-built 18

Hi Guys,

Few years ago there was a memory leak with the use of the transparent images.

It looks like that memory leak is back. After 24 hours of use of WD, i have about 20 (or more) processes of transparentimages.exe running on my pc.

Is this a known problem?

Configuration i’m talking about:

pc: OS = Windows 7
Weatherstation = LaCrosse 3600
WD version = 10.370 built 18



there has been no changes made to the transparentimage program
there might be something else wrong (e.g maybe a probem with IE7)
at this stage, try setting to not use transparent images

Hi Brian,

No, don’t use IE. Working with FireFox here. Maybe the problem is that i’m working with Windows 7.

For the third time now, trying not to use transparent images (found out that i’ve overlooked one checkmark)…
If everything goes right now, i’m not using tranparent images anymore…



Hello everyone.

I’ve also got multiple transparentimage.exe instances running. I recently had an issue with an animated image I was using on the main screen so I may have changed something, while troubleshooting, to cause this issue.

I’ve searched around but cant seem to locate the option to disable. Can someone please advise where you un-tick “use transparent images”?

Thanks in advance.



Hi Steve,

In the control panel, section web files / web page setup
1st: in webfiles setup #1, section weather dials upload, last option, have dials image as transparent gif
2nd: in webfiles setup #2, section web table setup, last option, show table as tranparent.

i think those are the two options for transparent images.
After that, restart your pc (or kill all the transparentimages processes)and start WD again.
If they still appear, just look at other checkmarks you can set in the web files/web page setup for transparent images, but i think those two are solving the problem.

Please let know if this is solving your problem.

Regards and good luck


Hello Theoh and thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Webfiles setup 1 was already un-ticked for “have dials image…”.

Webfiles setup 2 was NOT un-ticked for “show table as transparent”. Un-ticked and rebooting. Will advise of results.

Thanks again!


Hello all,

After enacting the changes Theoh suggested, still having multiple instances of transparentimage.exe spawned.

Computer has been rebooted several times over the past few days… TIck changes did “stick” so both mentioned in Theoh’s mail have been de-ticked…Yet 20+ instances running…

Windows XP - Service pack3 with current updates. Wdisplay build 10.37o Build 24.

Any other suggestions folks?

Probebly there will be another checkmark somewhere… i will take a look later today for you… will let you know…

At Summary Images & Icons setup, tab summary images setup, next to the icon width, there is also a checkmark for “show summary image as transparent gif (and other images”…

Uncheck that one… that’s the third one.

Please let us know :slight_smile:


Hey Theoh,

The “Show summary image as transparent gif (and other images)” was already “un-ticked”.

I did find another…one of my custom screens had the “produce gif as transparent” ticked. I de-ticked and rebooted.

Will advise.

Thanks for your continued assistance.



Wdisplay and computer have been running overnight; as of this morning, no instances of transparentimage.exe are to be found.


I think the ghost in the machine has been sent packing. (Knock on wood).

Many thanks Theoh! and best wishes to all.



sorry to kick

had transparant dials in an older version working well
now I see they don’t anymore

what I do have is 10000x transparantimage in my system

is there any other solution then tick them off
no other treads found younger then this one 8O




not sure why you have that problem
when you used the full install update, did you make that program got updated with the newer version?
you will need to reboot the pc to clear out those

when you used the full install update, did you make that program got updated with the newer version?
actually I did the full update running
you will need to reboot the pc to clear out those
by accident I had to 2 hrs ago but it persists

the must be a problem with the image file used for the transparent image conversion then I suspect

so is this the only solution ?
I don’t have any transparant images more now even ticked/unticked since the new version
and 10000x transparant image in my system

best thing is to .zip and email me your settings files so I can check/test here

done, thnx so far !

I cant open the zip file you sent me…

sent an original zip file now !