Mdi led?

I suspect this is a really dumb question 8O…but what does the MDI LED just to the right of the “Heat Index” reading represent? It constantly blinks between yellow and green and “Reset Alarm LED’s” doesn’t reset it.

I feel smart and hot now!

But riddle me this… the “LED” is currently alternating between red (MDI of 88 - 89.9 Deg F) and green (MDI of 80 - 84.9 Deg F). My first thought is that the MDI is halfway between the red and green readings…but that would be yellow (MDI of 85 - 87.9 Deg F), wouldn’t it?

i think i see whats wrong
next version will fix that …

is it flashing?
it might be that the flash off is green

No it was definitely alternating between red and green.

Right now it’s alternating between green and gray (definitely not black, it has a slight purplish tinge), what does that mean?

i have changed it…gray is the non flash color…when its flashing…ie. it has to change to some color to get a flash effect…

While we are on this subject, what controls the color of the letters “MDI”? They are dark blue on a black background. All the other tags, etc. are a light color, but I could not figure out where the setting is for this. :?:

ah, i need to hook the colour into the colour settings for the other labels on the main screen, yes?

Ah yes -
Also, if related or not…
The main alarm button next to "data received’ & “data quality” is the same color as the MDI (not the button, but the word “alarm”) - dark blue on a black background.

Maybe it’s just the way I have my colors set…

ok, will be ok for the next version update

Is it correct that now the MDI led will always flash either green/grau, yellow/gray, red/gray or black/gray? Or will it sometimes just remain a solid color? It seems every time I look it is flashing, but maybe that is just a coincidence.

yes, it will flash…
but i could have it so it doesnt flash
what do people think?

I don’t really care, as long as I know what it is supposed to be doing. I suppose though, having it blink makes it look as though something important is happening; not really the case when it is green, for instance.

thats my thinking too

I just installed v. 10.16r and the MDI LED and it’s description has completely vanished Any suggestions?

it only shows when the temperature is over the threshold…for it to show…maybe that is the case?
otherwise i didnt change anything…

Temp went to 110 apparent solar yesterday and is at 100F today. The MDI LED stayed blinking green. Should it not be giving an alert color???