McMahon GFS 2024061818 z Missing - Last was <html> z

McMahon - Last Good GFS was (

z ) and Last Should Be ( 2024061818 z )
Note: this was Checked at 2024-06-19 01:06 UTC.
It is possible that the Data was running Late and may now be available.
Note: this is an automated Post, check data to ensure it is correct!
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Something very weird has happened. Some HTML from an unconnected container that I’m setting up has appeared in place of the WxSim data! I’ve shut down the new container for now and I think when the GFS re-download completes processing the data will appear as normal. I’ll investigate further in the morning.

I’ve fixed this problem. It turned out to be a clash of ports…a new container was using the same external port number as a number of containers were using as their internal port number. The system didn’t like that!