May daily report

My may daily report hasn’t updated since the 20th. Any ideas.?

check under webupload times, in the ftp/itnernet setup, you have ticked to do daily averages/extreme upload
and or check for any errors under view, program error log after it has supposed to do it
and or force one, via action, update averages/extreme now, and then check under view, program error log…

things are ticked fine

I got this error message…

ERROR: I/O error 6 at time/date 04:27:11 PM 5/25/2003

That is when I did a manual force

In Webfiles the May2003.htm file isn’t being updated.

delete the may2003.html file (back up first)
then recreate it via view, averages/extreme, recreeate the averages/extreme file …
and then when finished, re upload that file…

try that

I did what you recommended. I eliminated the may2003 file, did the rebuild and uploaded it.

The file looks fine. I am going to let it run over night and see what happens.

I did receive a program crash when it completed rebuilding the file, which I thought was a bit odd, but right now it is working.

I’ll let it run over night and see what happens.