Max wind speed not correct on dailynooareport.htm


Yesterday I recorded a max wind speed of 44 mph. This can be seen here and the dashboard for the month’s max wind speed. For some reason the dailynoaareport.htm shows 43.7 mph for yesterday. Looking at - Wind Summary I see that this has been happening for a while now. I checked my settings in WD, the Max wind speed limit is set to 300 kts. Is there another setting I need to check that could be limiting the max speed recorded by the dailynoaareport.




Could it just be a rounding problem? 43.7 would round to 44 with the decimal removed…

I suppose it could be, just seemed odd to me to see the same 43.7 several times now. It gives the appearance of some limiting factor, whether it be the anemometer itself or something in the software. I’ll have to do some more investigating and maybe experiment a bit when the weather is better.