"Max Gust Today" sometimes does not reset at midnight

I’ve noticed recently that when the gust speed at the midnight reset is less than the max gust from the previous day then it seems not to reset. Two days ago the max gust was 20mph at 1810. At both the last midnight resets the max gust has been around 0 - 9 mph. It’s 0945 here at the moment and my max gust is still showing as being at 1810. Any ideas?

Ah, just found a 2006 post with the same problem which advised to exclude wdisplay.ini in AVG. Have done so and now await midnight!

which version of WD?

It’s WD 10.37R Build 32. Midnight has just turned over and the Max Gust has updated okay this time. Will keep an eye on it in future days.