Mason's psychrometer

Hello !

My name is Mihai Bogdan and I am a new member of this forum. I am from Bucharest, Romania and I am 20. I am a student in Biotechnology but in my spare time I study Meteorology since I was 15.
I am very glad to meet this community of foreign weather enthusiasts !
In Romania there is one community of weather enthusiasts and also companies which sell weather equipment for both proffesional and hobby use. We have many dealers of TFA Dostmann and La Crosse and a few for other manufacturers ( Moller Therm, Davis, Honeywell, Conrad).
I started with this hobby using a classic German barometer which is a copy of the Fischer barometers and Met Office synoptic maps, being also interested in weather statistics and today I own an automatic weather station TFA Dostmann Nexus. In my weather instruments collection there is a British ETI Instruments psychrometer it is called Mason’s psychrometer.

Now my question is who was Mason ? Was he a meteorologist ? Because I searched on the Internet and I couldn’t find anything about him.

Thank you !

Hello Mihai

It may be the James Mason mentioned here…Like you, I have been unable to find much else about him, but this may be a starter for you, as he appears to be very strongly linked to such weather instrumentation of that time.

According to Quarterly journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 1877 Page 292 not everyone believed that Mason invented it.

That’s one of my favorite reading materials!! :roll: :lol:

You know how it is, you’re too busy to finish reading this month’s issue, and before you know it there’s a 130 years of them stacked in the corner :lol: