Marine "point-and-click" forecast script

Does anyone know of a marine “point-and-click” script that does the same thing as the advforecast.php script does for the public point-and-click forecast? I’ve noticed a nice marine forecast like this on a few pages. Thanks in advance. -Chris

Never tried but can you use the advforecast script for the NWS point and click marine?

which is pulled from the “Printable Forecast” from here:

Yeah that’s what I’m wondering. I’m sure somebody else has modified that script to make a marine forecast. I have seen it on some other sites. I kinda tried doing but, but with no luck.

I use this code

 $url = '';
 $output = file_get_contents($url);
 echo $output;

Which is just included into this page

You will have to change the anz330.txt to the one you need, search pages like this one for the right text file. It’s very simple but it works!


My marine page (although I live a few hours away) has been modified from another script on the forum which lets you select a coastal WFO from a drop down menu and get a coastal forecast. Let me know if your interested in the code and I will post.


I too can offer up mine:
It basically utilizes the following url:[color=red][b]6 DIGIT ZONE HERE[/b][/color]
and displays multiple zones via a drop down box selection.
You can add as many zones as you wish.

I too can offer up mine:

Far better than mine, :oops: I’d be interested!



Thanks. I found what I was looking for through Tom at You can see it
here I’m always open to newer ideas however.