Maplin Weather station N96GY (WH1081) display not working

Hi all,

I bought new in box Maplin Weather station N96GY (WH1081) from car boot sell. Unfortunately console display doesn’t work…
When I put the batteries in, all digit segments and LEDs come on for a 1-2 sec (like initial test) and everything disappear, screen is clear, nothing on it.
My questions are:

  1. Is that common known problem?

  2. Is it hardware or software problem?

  3. Generally is it possible to update the firmware?

Any solution please?


try running it with a usb plugged in, i.e to get the power from that

When connect it via USB cable, PC installed drivers but I can’t see it in W. Explorer or somewhere in Device manager, just known sound when plug in/out.

I’ve got electronics background, oscilloscope, but don’t know what to check if open it…

The last time I bought something from a car boot (trunk) seller was when I was 17 and bought a set of speakers. It was from a white van actually, but it’s the same scam. That was a popular scam back then (before the Internet). I still curse myself for having been so nieve. But I guess I was young and innocent and sheltered. That white van actually followed me to an ATM. SMH ](*,)

It was no expensive, I assumed could be not complete working, but thought I could fix it if problem is hardware…

its a HID USB device (i.e like a mouse)

Yes now I checked again- when I plugged in, in Device Manager/HID appeared two more rows:

  • HID -compliant device
  • USB Input Device
    What does it mean?

means your PC is aware of it
but otherwise it looks like you purchased a lemon