Main Webcam Died, now using 3rd Party, but 2nd webcam does not work now

It seems if I don’t have a primary image in WDWebcamCapture.exe, then I can’t have a 2nd webcam working, as my third webcam, on another PC across the LAN, is now being brought in as jpg to 3rd Party Webcam which is not part of WDWebcamCapture.exe system.

Originally, had Primary webcam = Sharp handycam, and second webcam = Logitech QC Pro 9000. Added a third from second PC on the LAN but FTP’d directly to site as third webcam image.

When my Sharp Handycam died (original primary webcam), I was trying to pull just the image of third webcam in across the LAN for the Primary webcam - as there was a check box to do so about (Select image from other source), it worked but it flashed every 5 secs and would rarely save an image with the overlay. Updates to the website were up to 2hrs before next one went.

WDwebcamCapture locked up and crashed several times over a week trying to create an overlaid image when the image was not streaming but dragged every 5secs across the LAN. Often there was a blank period of no image.

Using WDWebcamCapture 8.5 still.

But now do not have a current second webcam image anymore since primary is now turned off as mit is coming in from WD as Third Party Webcam image.