Main temperature sensor flat lining on WD ver 9.48A

My main temperature sensor is flat lining every 4 or 5 hours on WD ver 9.48a. Any suggestions? A restart fixes the problem.

try a new vers 9.49 now greg
i have finally 9fingers crossed) fixed the temperature jumps for the dallas 1 wire :slight_smile:
and that might help

This also happens on the WS2010 beast. Sometimes I go several days, then it goes on a kick and fails daily.

some ws2000 type users have problems, but i think the majority dont
are you using the latest vers?

I am using 9.50b. I have not upgraded lately because of the memory leak issues that are being reported. Have you made any changes specific to this Lacrosse problem since 9.50b?

there is no memeory leak as such
its just the real time graphs filling up with data over time (they now reset at 5000 records, but i will make that user configurable), and if you have the minimise at 3am ticked under help, about, that helps to clear out video memory