Main Screen Temp missing

Main screen dew point line missing,temp line missing and the
Numbers for temp. on the right side are not there.
maybe next ver. they will be back?
Emilio 8O

check your temp graph offset, either under graph setup, or setup, units…

and zip and email me your latest.inf file, from the folder datafiles (or if you are using 24 or greater time period, the file month32003.inf
from the folder datafiles

and your wdisplay.ini file from c:\windows or c:\winnt

Hey Brian e-mailed those files anything yet?
yesterday they reappeared for a while then gone again so far not back yet.

yes i got the files, but i could not remember what the problem was in the first place
i will investigate

actualy, i only received your test email, searching back through (it was someone elses i thought was yours)
can you try again

i have your settings
i have found the problem
go to view, graph history, and reset the temp scale offset
you have it as -45
set it to zero