Main screen Icon

I have a http download radar image set as the web cam image
for the main screen,it used to auto update to the latest image
but it is not anymore. I had went to input daily weather and chose
an icon and wanted to go back to the way it was and since then it has not been auto updating like it was.
I’ve tried just about every combination of choices on the summary
image page and also the view web cam image page.
Was it a freek thing or could this feature work again?

Win.98,166mhz :?

make sure under input daily weather you do not have ticked use this image as the main screen icon
otherwise it should work, as long as you have selected that file to be your web cam file (try resetting it under view, web cam, select the file (first button)

Thank You for the reply Brian,
I tried what you said still dosen’t work.
I think it was refreshing every minute,you would see the image flicker and you new it was refreshed.
I went and changed to “input daily weather” and selected a icon for a day.
then i wanted to go back to the way i had it with my radar image but since then it has not operated.
it would refresh with “update web files and web cam button”
but not on it’s own without having to ftp anything.
Like I said it worked up until i used “input daily weather”
but it never worked going back to the otherway.
I’ve pulled my hair out trying all things before asking for help,just can’t get it.
Thanks for you help