Main screen forecast Leuven


Im not 100% sure what forecast the meteogram is running on my wsstartpage?
I would like it showing wxsim forecast and in my wssettings its set to wxsim but
in the startpage itself its set to fc (default forecast) and its this part im not sure about?

Also the (i) button in that forecast section just refreshes the page…

Any advice please?

Default it is your wxsim v1 forecast as in

But that one has no (i) button

Kust as any visitor you could have set another forecast using the settingspage, you can check there the current settings for colors and forecast a.s.o.

To quickly remove any cookies, just click the “Suffolk Weather” in your heading on any page and all cookies are removed and you will be back at the startpage.


That happens when you renumbered the page the (i) is trying to link to. When that page does not exist anymore you are always redirected to the startpage. Same as when you are typing an invalid p=number in the browser.


Morning Wim, wow, that was quick :o thank you, i will have a look to see where i messed up the numbering 1st
then look at the rest of it, thanks again Wim, have a good day :slight_smile: