Main Screen External Temperature & Barometer readings pr

Not sure if this WD or a conflict somewhere on my system. WD shows on the main screen the actual external temperature 5.2C and the barometric pressure as 1028mb.

When WD does and upload to FTP, these two readings change to 12C and a pressure of 989.8mb. This stays on this reading for 30 seconds, then reverts back to its normal correct reading. 30 seconds later, for the change of the minute, the problem reoccurs!

The same applies to the wind speed, showing a consistent 11.5mph for the 30seconds before dropping back to its correct reading.

If you look at my website, and look at Todays Weather, and also the summary.gif on the index page, they show this incorrect reading.

I went back from v9.70a to v9.68, and the problem still exists.

Hope you can help

i would say you have ticked :
use this metar to update the stations data
under setup, ftp setup, ftp download/metar download

untick that…

Brian, you were right. It is ALL OKAY NOW, thanks very much for your prompt reply.