Main Screen Customise Bug?

I am trying to lay out my own customised Main Screen in WD; and I am seeing an oddity - whne I first launch WD the Date & Time Display is displayed as expected; but after a few seconds (when the scrolling Ticker Tape Forecast from VP Pro2 console starts to display), the Date part of the Display disappears from the screen (the Time part is still displayed). See attached images to show what I mean.

Any ideas what is causing this?





Perhaps you need to re-size the scrolling ticker so it doesn’t cover up the date? It might be too high.

  • Jim

Good thought Jim, but I’d already checked that. The Date Field doesn’t get covered up - it just vanishes off the custom screen at the instant that the Ticker bar activates. I’ve tried moving other fields around to see if it’s hidden underneath but can’t see it anywhere once the ticker starts.

Also, I moved the ticker tape to a different location (see attachment below) to show it clearly - once the ticker turns on the Date field disappears.

(windy - is this as designed? Does it happen on the Default Main Screen layout, or is it a bug related to customising the Main Screen?)



which version/build of WD?
as I did fix a formating problem with the scroller

v10.37Q b88 (downloaded 21/11)

I see you’ve released b89, so I installed that (main install). but the problem still occurs, as soon as I turn on the ticker display the Date field disappears from the main screen

Edited Later: Extra Information

I have attached a copy of the Main Screen Image which is “screen captured” by WD and uploaded to my webspace every 15 minutes.
At the moment I have the ticker display TURNED OFF in WD, because of this odd display bug; however despite this you will see that the VP Ticker scrolling display box is actually displayed in the spot where the Date Field should be. It seems as if somewhere in your code the variables for the Date Field & the Ticker Display Field are being confused?

in fact what appears to be happening is:

when the WD main screen does its screen capture to make an image to ftp to the website (every 15 minutes), the Date display field CHANGES to the the VP ticker display field (even though I have the ticker display turned off). It switches back to displaying the Date field when the screen refreshes when WD does it’s next 1 minute update.


Any idea what is happening here?

You can see the uploaded capture at my new test website:

Remember: Currently I have the VP ticker display turned OFF. Despite this, it is displaying on the web image instead of the Date Field.

(I notice that normally, if the Ticker is turned ON in WD, that the screen capture image uploaded does not display the Ticker field, so clearly the variables are being mixed up for the Date & Ticker fields somewhere in the program code?)

Hi Nigels I had the same problem ( see my post about it ) with VP ticker display, Windy said use the date tag, & yep .it fixed it


Thanks for this tip. Teal. I searched for your post but can’t really work out how to add a custom tag to the main screen, could I impose a little to ask for more specific a how to do it post?

Hi, on main page click on setup then seclet advanced/misc settings, add custom tag %date% to custom labels and custom tags, tick the box next to the tag, then OK & the date should appear on on main screen after a short delay, then it can move re sized ETC.


well that’s really strange, because what you describe is exactly what I had already tried, but nothing (extra) appears on the Main Display screen when I do it.

I still see a date field

Yes, I finally got this sorted late last night, probably before you looked at my link.

I resized the std Date field to hide it, and placed a custom tag on the main screen.

At first I thought it wasn’t working but it had come onto the main screen hidden behind one of the other windows.

I moved it to above the time field and since the date custom tag was white & a different font size from the Time field, I had to resize and change the color of the Time field to match.

Is there anyway to change the font size & colour of a custom tag? Or does it just take on the same colour as the other onscreen labels?