Main display text problem [RESOLVED]

I know this is a dumb question but I have to ask as it’s buggin the hell outta me.
My main screen display looks like this:

Why cant I get the data field to be in line with the data entru. For example:
Why on current conditions is the wind speed right up in the Current conditions header?
Why is the data all over the place, for example, temperature data in the current condtions field is way higher than the subject field.
I know this is dumb but hey it’s real annoying I cant fix it!
Why is my wind speed so damn big compared to the other data, I love a uniform look but I just dont know why it’s all over the place :frowning:


Hi Q, click on setup at top of page, then advanced/misc settings, then tick enable move/resize of odjects, then OK, then move/resize the data field to where you want it using CTRL/SHIFT on key board, then when done go back to setup & click on save changes & OK, hope this helps.


:smiley: Whohay :smiley:
Thanks so much I knew it was my dumbness on the application, this can do so much.
Thanks for your help #-o

Hi Q, no problem, little tip do a little at a time then click setup & save changes then do a bit more. other wise if you cock it up you will have start all over again, by saving it you can always reload last saved in the setup page, also in the the setup page you add custom tags, custom images ETC, see my web page, glad to be some help.


at some stage you must have done some main screen customisation in the past
good you were able to tidy that up