Main Display Not Uploading

I can’t figure out if I’ve bumped a switch or setting, but I’m no longer uploading the main display to my web page.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can check ?

I believe the file is: default.gif

…in fact, in my webfiles folder, there isn’t a default.gif or default.html file any longer !! :?

Its not called default its named after your weather station. Go to setup > Setup FTP/internet/reboot/metar/etc > Choose the web files tab. The name of the main display is the Weather station file name.

Now mine is gone. :frowning:

I looked at it Rupp, and “default” was still entered there.

I cleared the box, and re-entered it, and it’s showing back up on the web page now.

Thanks !

I had the exact same problem after talking to you. A reset of the page fixed it. :smiley: