Main difference between VP1 and VP2?

Just wondering how much of a difference there really is between a Davis VP1 and Davis VP2. Right now I am thinking about possibly upgrading my OS WMR968 to a Davis VP1. Not that there is anything wrong with the WMR968, I just think I am getting more involved in this hobby and would like to upgrade.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions on where I could get a fairly cheap VP1?

Thanks for all of the help.


Only substantive difference is the wireless spec of the wireless VP2 models. The VP2 has 8x the wireless output power so much better range and resistance to interference. But VP1 stations work perfectly well at shorter range especially if you don’t have any sources of interference at hand. VP1 stations haven’t been made for many months now AFAIK so any residual stocks in the supply chain will be dwindling fast. NB VP1 and VP2 wireless systems are incompatible so for future expansion with supplementary temp/hum/soil moisture etc stations you’d be better off with a VP2 where the supply of accessories is more assured.

Thanks prodata.

One more question…

Since I currently have a WMR968, I would still like to keep that mounted, along with the VP1.

Do you think that there would be much interference between the two stations?

By the way, the console for the VP1 would be about 75 ft. away from the ISS/anemometer and the console for the WMR968 would probably be around the same distance.



I wouldn’t think the WMR968 and VP2 would interfere with each other. As far as I know they use different frequencies (418/433MHz for the WMR968) and 8-900MHz (?) for VP2. They also use different transmission techniques. Also I think the WMR968 uses a single frequency and the VP2 uses a spread spectrum type of transmission (which helps to avoid interference).

Thanks for the information, Chris.

Also, if anyone on the forum is trying to sell their Davis VP1 (or VP2), then please let me know.

Thank you.