macmini-intel - 10.37L Freezing up frequently


I’m still trying to figure this out, but every few days or so, I’m seeing that WD/Mac is locking up. When I try to do anything it is locked hard and I have to force quit the app which is showing as not responding in the Force Quit window.

The rest of the OS is fine, but for some reason it just locks up hard.

I’ve verified that there are no scheduled backups as I know that has been an ongoing issue. Is there anything else I should look at?

This is a fresh install as I’m a new user, so there really isn’t any baggage out there.

I’m using a Davis VP2 with the USB to Console connector. Prior to this I was using LWC and it would only lock up on the 1st of the month and ran for a little over a year before I moved to WD.


I use the PPC version, but have had essentially the same problem - I can rarely run for more than 24 hours without WD locking up.

I have worked around that by creating a launchd control for WD and running a bash script that uses curl to periodically check whether my web site is up to date. Whenever the site has not been updated, I have launchd restart WD. You should be able to do the same, or if you would like a copy of my script, let me know. It is nice to be able to leave WD unattended for more than a day. :wink:

i continue with b16, i upgrade today again to b29, and after 5 min working WD hand. I try update lid and all but dont work.


I would love to get a copy of your script. I considering just stopping and starting the app 1x a day possibly or something…I don’t know if there are any implications in doing something like that or not… but it would be great if it kept it running… No errors or anything that I can see…it just freezes hard at random times after a few days it seems… A quick force quit and relaunch usually clears things up… catching it is the key though…


RicknTx, which build version?
also try monitoring the memory use of WeatherD with application monitor
also use the latest build
cybermode, others are able to use the latest builds OK
you need to make sure you have latest needed library files in your /usr/lib/ and /usr/local/lib/ folders

i install b29, upgrade to 32, copy libraries… after 4 min hand again…

can put a link to last libraries or made a installer with all?

thanks you ( i still in b16… well tomorrow i will return to b16)

Thanks :wink:


I’m on a freshly installed 10.37L 29 load.

Let me see what I can come up with on the application monitor. Right now, if I close it out periodically and relaunch with a clean exit, it seems to keep things happy.


there is already a posting and thread with the latest library files cybermode

delete the existing files in /usr/lib/ and /usr/local/lib/ first before putting the files in that zip there

Well i will try again the weekend, very thanks… :wink:

i might have a solution work around


with the latest version of WD for the Mac
after it has started up, kill off the usbreader process with acitivity monitor, before WD locks up
then start the usbreader program manually
from a terminal window (i.e
cd /…/
cd /Applications/wdisplay/

as I was having this same lock up problem not long after WD had started up, in testing, with an Irox station