Lunar Looney Tunes

Not to rain on the parade …but Lunar times are still way off in WD
WD shows
Moon rise: 7:28 PM
Moon Set: 9:24 AM

Moon rise: 8.41 PM
Moon set: 9:01

Correct me if I’m wrong here …but according to WD there is around 14 hrs of moonlight…but Wunderground says there is only 12and a 1/2 if I’m a vampire…who is right?
Okay so I’m a smart aleck, but by my calculation the formula is increasingly farther off…Luckily WD is still telling me accurately when to stay out of the sunlight :wink:


Small bug…

at the bottom of

the sunrise/sunset/moonrise/moonset times seem to be reversed.


Brian, Here is my info and a comparison to astronomical data

Apparent geocentric position
Right ascension 12h 32m 53s
Declination 1

Thanks Bob, sounds like you and I are on the same page. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one with a Lunar problem :slight_smile:

Running 9.59b…Lunar times are still out of whack…although the set is within 37 min approx… :frowning: :roll:

Also using 9.59b and mine are within a few minutes when checked against the US Naval Observatory


I wasn’t able to access the Naval site but another site (not Wunderground) agreed with the times from Wunderground the Lunar times are still way off…
May be a Daylight savings or time zone issue …but one thing I am certain of is my Lat and Lon are correct and so is my time zone, and the sunrise and set are exactly on, which makes me sure that the lunar calculation is off …Maybe since Bob is EST and You are CST and I am MST you being in the middle are “just right” :wink:

It could be related to time zone since everything is off GMT. The lunar times are confusing since rise may be preceeding day and set may be tomorrow.

Brian,…haven’t heard anything from you? Still according to WD the moon is shining 1 hr and 16 min more than Wunderground says it is…

WD Moonshine…11 hrs and 31 mins
Wunder…10 hrs and 15 mins

Moonset is on now but moonrise is off…

been to busy, will get back to this soon
(and baby allister is crawling everywhere, down steps, and needs lots of watching, so i cant sit at the computer so much!)