Lost my DS9097U again

I have lost 2 of my DS9097u’s in 2 months!

I don’t know what the problem is, but I swapped out an old one last time and the new one worked fine for a month. Now, it will read individual termp sensors for a bit, but then loses them. If I connect up my AAG weather station and pagoda temp sensor, it can’t even locate them.

I tried my buddies DS9097 and it was fine!

So, what are my best alternatives. I don’t have much faith in the DS9097 in my setup.

What should I get, TEMP05, DS9097U or that new replacement for the DS9097 that simulates it?

Any experience would be appreciated…

maybe your 1 wire network needs a overhaul???//
do you use CAT5?
maybe solder all the joints?

ui.e maybe there is too muchj resistance/noise and its over heating it or soemthing…
just my thoughts…

I have replaced the majority of my runs with CAT5 and soldered all main joints. I do have 3 of them running back to an RJ11 junction box 3 feet from the DS9097. It then runs the 3 feet using phone cord.

I did have some problems as the weather heated up here this spring…that’s when I took the step to change to CAT5. That seemed to solve my problems…and now it’s cooling down. Do you think it could be power?

When DS9097’s go, is it typical that they will work sometimes and not others? or is that atypical?

another trick is to tighen the screws holding into the back of the PC serial port and or clean the contacts to the serial port for the adaptor and or re spring the jack that goes into the adaptor…
migth help

I’ll give that a try too. I am looking for anything!

I also went and picked up a capacitor and resistor to try to see if that will help…now all I have to do is figure out how to easily put them between my DS9097and the line coming in!