Lost data

Well as “Murphy” would have it, I did and update to WD 1019V as I was leaving the house for a 6 day trip and of course it “crashed” 2 hours later. Thinking the “No problem” the data logger will have everything for the 6 days when I got home and rebooted - Wrong. It looked like it downloaded everything from the data logger, but it appears there was only data for about the last few hours. Also the “Main” screen graphics a all goofed up. It looks like the data from 6 days was compressed into about a 2 hour span.


Strange. The data logger was set for 1 minute updates. Is that too frequent to save several days of data ??





The VP datalogger will hold 42 hours at a one mimute interval.

heck, this is not very good news…
but, looking at your data,
I would say the logging interval on the data logger was set not at 1 minute, but at something much longer
i.e there is a lot of data there, covering quite a few days, i.e most likely its every 10 minutes logging (try settting it to 1 minute again)
…but thats actualy good, in that it means you got the data…
but wd assumed 1 minute (you can change that in the data extraction setup, the pad out interval.
actualy, idealy wd should be able to find out the actual data logging interval

now, its possible that you could pad out the data in the logfile (check the time stamps there to see the logging interval), then do the convert log files to graphs