Lost data

This has probably been covered from time to time but I was sure it would never happen to me so…

I had a power failure longer than the old battery in my UPS could handle and when I re booted many, but not all, settings were gone. I’ve got everthing back but my Trends gif is not accessing data from one month ago and one year ago. Any way of restoring?
Next stop: Batteries Plus. :cry:

humm, settings:
its a good idea to do a save/exit every now and then…

but what I will do is get wd to force a write to the wdisplay.ini file

windows , more in XP than win 98, has that file in memory and not actual physicaly updating on the HD (i.e cached memory) it seems

I guess I should have told you that too, I’m using XP now. It was weird cause only some settings were lost, like page background color, all my links went away, and a few others. The index file was goofy for awhile too. All chosen files were being uploaded, ie trends, graphs, averages/extremes, and everything I had checked in “files” but only the table and summary would show on my page. It regained itself after a couple normal re-boots and unchecking the let me manage the datahtm2 file. My normal shut down is always exit and save but this wasn’t a normal shutdown. It took me forever too to find where to select the background color!

This has been a weird week computer wise. My domain register/server for my page forgot to re-new my domains and I was off for about 12 hours too.