Loss of Graph data

When I logged on to WD this afternoon, data downloaded from Davis VP2 data / display unit and WD display updated but graph display failed to show data prior to midnight. - see attached image 2.
Graph did display all data when viewed yesterday [ 8th of month ]

Checking log file viewer [ image 6 ] data for period before midnight [ 8th ] is shown to be available

on checking other displays, detailed rain chart for October [ image 3 ] shows no rain for first eight days and correct 0.0 for today [9th], however image 1 - rain to date - shows rainfall on 3rd and 7th with a total of 13.0 mm for month. The daily figures did display on detailed rain chart yesterday for all days recorded this month…

Question is WHY … ??

There has been no change in hardware or software

i dont see any images
is WD not running all the time?

having posting problems re my article loss of graph data …


Apologies for confusion … Yes WD is 24/7

John Y

sound like corrupt file
check your log file and if ok recreate graph from it