Looking for California WD Sites

The meso maps are behaving better under 10.21h. I have turned on icons and graphs.

I haven’t had time to split the map into N and S California. Won’t happen this weekend…I am way behind doing my homework and need to get caught up with that…haven’t even been able to watch a football game…!

hey, the icons are looking and working good :slight_smile:

i still need to fix the time from the clientraw file data for the mesomap

next to come is a mouse over pop of the data

I did some maps for California a while back. One was split and unsplit. I still have the raw files.

Don’t know if it is what you are looking for since it is more topical rather than city based…


Them maps themselves are actually separate images from the background, so they could be modified.

Thanks for the offer. I have 10 or 12 different maps already :slight_smile:

I like the map in use, but my slow out-bound connection and the large file size cause problems when viewing…


I get a 404 error when trying to look at your clientraw.txt file. http://www.mogur.com/clientraw.txt
The raw data is still inside the meta tags after the title.

I am unable to “read” any data from your station. Sorry.

I agree with you on the position of the code (it was been pointed out earlier in the thread). But I am not able to make the necessary changes to WD to enable it to read that data in that position. I can see your raw data in the html code when I look at your page, the problem is WD cannot find it correctly. (I am curious as to how your WD creates the html with the meta raw data inside the HEAD tag?)

From your post I thought your clientraw.txt file was available. I get a 404 error when trying to view it here. Are you able to view it?

If anyone has historical weather data for the LA area from January 2004 highlighting Jan 27 and 28, please email Brian, he has a request for the data from a 5th grade teacher for a class project.

Since the URL is redirected to the site actually hosting my files, you may need to use the direct url which is “http://www.weatherusa.net/weathernet/ca-granada/clientraw.txt”.
However, I’ve tested both URLs here and they both work fine for me…

Both URL’s work for me too.

Good news, I can ‘see’ your clientraw.txt…however, their appears to be a problem with the data. I am going to have to format your clientraw.txt file with the template so I can see if your data is messed up, or if my WD is not reading it correctly. See below for what I am talking about…

What version of clientrawrealtimeftp are you running there now Tom?


The problem was the re-direct you use…I had both url’s in my meso setup, but had the re-direct url first on the list and it was messing up the retrieval of the 2nd url. Now that I have removed the re-direct url it appears to be working better.

Hey Dan,
Love your weather site and norcal meso map. Thanks for including my Pasadena site. Just wanted to mention that your Pasadena icon (my station) is a little to far North it should be nearer Whittier. We are in fact only a dozon or so mile from each other. Also Ridgecrest is a little to far East.

Please take this as a purely friendly mention. :slight_smile: And I understand that these icons cannot exactly be on location.

Cheers, Graeme

PS My Pasadena weather station is getting to be more reliable. I have had a few ‘crashing’ problems recently.

PPS How did you get the “night time” text to appear under current conditions?

Thanks for the update. I moved the stations, hope it looks better. Yes, placing the icons is not an exact science :slight_smile:

Night Time is from the tag %Currentsolardescription%. Using the wxlocal files you can customize the html. I used the original WD templates and then modified them to include the items I wanted to see under current conditions. One of these days I will re-write the main screen, it’s getting very cluttered and I suspect I am the only one who knows where stuff is located or even what is available to be viewed. It’s really a poor design on my part.