Looking for California WD Sites

I’m building a meso map that will contain only California WD sites. The only requirement is you need to have your raw data available on your web page. See the attachment showing how to enable this feature. If you would like to participate drop me an email with your site URL.

I will post a link to the meso map for anyone who would like to d/l it for your site.

Having some issues with screens at the moment. I have a couple maps I’m messing with, can’t decide which to use. For those who emailed me, I have your sites raw data being collected (unless your not posting it, then using your APRS data). Will post when I have more info.

Here’s the latest version I have setup…icons and graphs are not working for me at the moment, but other than that it appears to be working.


Hmmm…looks like a map of California with 5 white rectangles on it, each rectangle having some green marker pen drawn on it 8O I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to look!

Unfortunately it’s not showing data very clearly at the moment :frowning:


I tell ya, these meso maps have a mind of their own. I “had” it working then I tried to edit my other meso map and it appears the map have some interaction between them. It now appears that transparent is turned on when in fact it isn’t. No amount of fiddling on my part has managed to get the data back to solid. I verified in my wdisplay.ini that transparency wasn’t set so I don’t know whats causing the problem…

If it was easy, there’d be no fun in it. :lol:
I look forward to seeing it when it is working, it should be impressive

Well, I managed to get the data to be displayed and not transparent. I re-installed old versions until I found one that would create a new m2esomap.gif and associated plot files. Finally hit it with version 10.21b.

I am not going to turn on the graphs or icons, they seem to mess up the map. Also, making changes to meso map #1 seems to alter #2 settings. Weird.

That’s progress :slight_smile:

Feedback? Keep it, junk it, change something???

I think that a smaller map would be better. How about just N Cal? Still 10 stations north of I-80 line

I wanted to get the whole state onto a meso map as a start to a bigger project I had hoped to undertake, a USA map of WD sites, hence the big map. Plus I wasn’t sure how many WD stations are operating in CA so I figured I better make the map big just in case. I have other maps, but the one I used offered the best contrast with the meso data and seemed large enough to accomodate plenty of stations and icons.

I already have 2 custom screens for Northern and Southern California temps and radar, that would work for the meso maps. Use the same map, just split it into 2 pieces. When I have more time I will try it and see how it looks…

Any other CA WD stations who want to be added just drop me an email or respond here in the forum.

I’m in Granada Hills, Ca 91344 and wuld be happy to be part of your project. The url for my site is http://www.mogur.com


Your meta data is not importing correctly, and your clientraw.txt file does not seem to be available on your site.

For the most up-to-date weather data the clientraw.txt file is best, but I will use either source you like…just let me know so I can set it up and add your station to the map.

Actually, he has it right.

Displaying the META data outside of the tag is not valid HTML.

Looking at my raw page from WD…

<META RAW MET DATA Dry, 3:40:19 PM,01/15/05,tmp 20.8,hum 25,dew 0.1,wav 2.6,wgt 1.7,dir  NW  318

What might be cool if you could figure out how to do it, would be to put a clickable marker for each site on a map. Then either by clicking on the markers or just hovering over them, the actual data block shows up.

That way, you could have many sites bunched up togethere and not need to worry about the map Real Estate, and could use a smaller map which would conserve the size of the documenet and speedup downloads and access.

I don’t know how you would do that with the current stuff though. It might need to be an outside process.

i should be to get wd to add the html code …
i.e as a hotmap pop up…
what is the html code needed to do that?
(i already know the x/y co-ordintates in wd for the map)

I’m probably the wrong person for this since I dont use it myself enough, but I would guess some mouseover javascript would be needed. I’m sure someone can provide that.

I have used some non-mousable click type stuff where the info pops up in a separate window like:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!-- Begin
function Start(page) { OpenWin = this.open(page, "CtrlWindow", config='height=265,width=568,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no');
// End --></SCRIPT>

Then in the html document…

<a href="javascript:Start('Sitename.html')">Sitename</a>

That would mean that each of the “sites” would need either small html files with their data on the box, or better, a simple html viewer that reads the common data by referece. I’m a big fan of dynamic content.

So having changing the href above to have sitename.php?Site21 in the start would create dynamic content. The php script looks up Site21 and displays its info. If you had 300 sites, this way, you would only need 2 files. The php file and the Datafile. Using html files, you would need 300 of them.

I guess it’s up to Brian if he wants to change WD or not…

I agree, clientraw would be the best choice for updated station info…