Logfile not updating -> OK now (switch was off in the logfile setup)

My logfile 42008lg.txt has not been updating for the last 2 days. What did I do different?

  • Installed a new weather station VP2 with Leafwetness and soil wetness
  • Udated to the latest version of WD.

Ever since the 42008lg.txt file is not updating the other lg files are updating just fine. What did I do wrong? I rebooted the machine a few times hoping it would settle but it did not.


make sure the switch is on in the data logger setup (via setup)

also , any errors under view, program event log?

Thanks mate, Ill try when I get back in the office.

I am on the road all day today, and will let you know tonight.


Yup, that did it. Working now #-o