Log File Rain Totals question

As I think you were aware, there was a problem betweeen version 9.77 & 9.77a where the rain totals didn’t reset at midnight.

Because of this, the 5mm of rain we had on Monday was carried over to look like we had 5mm rain on Tuesday when in fact it was a dry day (for once).

I went to the log file rain total correction and where the Daily Rainfall column is, I corrected Day 20 from 5.0mm to 0.0mm and also manually corrected the field new monthly rain total from 41mm to 36mm. Is this the correct method, as for some reason when I press OK, the original daily totals revert back. And the monthy rainfall total now show instead of 41mm (original) or 36mm (corrected) it now shows 252mm!!

Knowing me, I have cocked it up once again.

BTW, I am using 9.77b to make the corrections

i haved fixed problems with this rain coorection in the latest vers, please use that
if your log file data isd screwed up, use the action, import log files, convert wd log files to graphs, but then tick convert graph file to log file and select month52003.inf