I seem to be locking up whowle system. only way out is to re ipl.
I am running 9.74b and get it with 100% cpu usage. How can i slow down the amount of cpu time used? Wd is all that is running with zone alarmpro.
running on a althion 2100 with 512 meg and windows me. have the direct web cam and 5 day forecast up. kenton

cpu use is normaly only 0 to 2 %
unless at the minute roll over or during web cam capture (or do you have that set to live all the time?)
or during creation of the internet images
is that not occuring for you>?

Turned off live capture and during the ftp it locked up at 100% cpu usage and had to re-ipl. had 3 ftp sessions open befor the lock up. kenton

Summary.gif is updating on web but not the forecast5.gif. I have it in the #2 file how do i get it to update? I manage #2 does it require something else? thanks kenton

teh 5 day forecast will auto upload at the next ftp update after it has been generated
well it should do
why are you getting so many open ftp sessions
and what ftp version are you using?
and the general ftp
what are you uploading there?
export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini file from the registry

i have your settings
i see you have just about everything ticked on the web files setup page
do you really want to upload the java real time dials?
you will want a fast permanent connection for that

also, you should not need to use the general ftp at all for those files
as they will get uploaded by WD anyway
turn off the general ftp

also, there is no point in downloading the metars or FTP zone forecast every 10 minutes
they are only updated once an hour (or some every 30 minutes)

I turned off gen ftp. hope that will help also turned off java dials. before i put the files in general ftp some did not up load. forecast5day.gif was not uploading so i added it to the file up;oad. sorry for all the trouble but if you look at my site highlandsweather.net you can see on the graphs the lock outs. i have cable modem at 756 rec. and 512 send. that should be fast enough. thanks kenton

system just locked up again 2 ftp sessions . kenton

ftp is 6.57 kenton

Does forecast5day only upload if it has changed from the last time or every time summary is uploaded? Summary is uploading but not forecast5day now. kenton

the 5 day forecast will upload after that file is downloaded (at the next schedules ftp after that)
have you changed the ftp and metar downloads to hourly?

also, i have just checked your settings again

i see you are using the custom file creation and upload

and i see you have every minute ticked for alot of the file creation and upload times

that could be the problem
back off some of the larger files

and for the files not uploading, make sure you have them set in the ftp upload times in the custom ftp setup
or let me know if still not

Custom ftp all set to 5 min now. FTPO/metar set to 1 hr now. will try this to see if it still fails. Thanks again and sorry for the bother but it crashed again before i made the changes. kenton

Thanks have loaded 9.74d and have hade no lock-up yet. i still have to put forecast5day.gif in the custom upload to get it. looks great on my web pages now. Thanks again for all the great work you are doing. kenton

thanks for thanks
i need it :slight_smile:
just been to the eldests first soccer game
my spare time for WD is less and less

Not Rugby?

I haven’t had many lockups, but I can find out why. I think it happens when too many other programs such as the weekly virus scan meets up with the file backup to the external hard drive and then they try to party with the pocket pc trying to sync the whole time while WD is silently watching and wanting only to ftp and then be silent again.

Any way, there are enough of us here with a whole variety of experience and problem solving to pick up some of the time you used to need to not be with the family. You have to spend time with the kids, they grow up way, way too fast. :wink:

I loaded hacker elimator and used it to find processes running and removed some from startup in the registry and dropped the cpu usage. I will wait 48 hours to see if i can stay up. logitec web cam loads a file LVCOM it is not needed but uses the hell out of the cpu. Thanks again Brian. Seems to be running well now. Kenton