Local webpage (HomeWeather.htm) is not updated - not even manually

Until some days ago my HoweWeather.htm page was generated and updated to my webserver every 1/2 hour. But suddenly HomeWeather stopped creating the local page. The FTP upload works fine, but even when I try to generate the webpage manually, nothing happens with the local htm.file. Any ideas?


I will assume you have tried shutting down WD, making sure it was really shut down in the task manager, and launching it again?

I am also assuming you have not made any changes, such as turn on Customize Internet File Creation and Upload?

You haven’t made any changes in Firewall settings or router/switch setup?

When you open the file locally is it showing any updated information? If the local file is showing updated info then the problem most likely is FTP, if the file isn’t updated location check the time stamp of your file on your web server and see if it is getting uploaded just not updated…


Hi Bob, thanks but …

Yes, WD has been shut down and the computer has been restarted several times

Yes, I have checked that, it is still turned off


It is a only local problem. The local htm file is not updated at all (and the time-stamp at the local file is not changed). Moreover, if I try to delete the local file, it is not recreated next time I manually try to update the htm file.

But all the other local files are updated every time, e.g. dailyhtm0.txt, all the gif-files etc. and all those files are uploaded to the webserver with the defined intervals.

It is all very strange, Mats


This is a long shot but check your “Control Panel - Web files/web pages” setup screen and make sure the field “Weather Station File Name” didn’t change from “HomeWeather”…


No, it is still HomeWeather (in red). No spaces (not even after the name)


The only other thing to check I can think of would be to push the “Update HTML file” again, then check your error log and see if anything appears there and if nothing I am afraid that this would be over my head :frowning:


Well, nothing in the errorlog either :dontknow:
Thank you very much for trying to help
Regards Mats


I am sure someone else will stumble along with either a solution or better idea soon or Brian may have somewhere else to look when he pops by next…

Good luck and sorry i couldn’t help more.

I think someone else recently had this problem and they removed the name from the setup screen (HomeWeather) then exited WD, re-started, then re-entered the name. Maybe try that. Otherwise I will see if I can find that thread again and see how they fixed…

No, I am sorry, but that did not solve the problem. The only change was that I had an extremely large window-size when I restarted WD 8O

maybe try resetting the webfiles location
but also go to the custom web page tab
and make sure that is not turned on there, the big switch on the right hand side

Thanks a lot! I checked earlier that the “Customize Internet File Creation and Upload?” was not turned on. But I did not check the “custom web page” - and it was turned on :oops: I turned it off and now it’s working again =D> =D>

Good deal… That would (could and probably did) drive you nutz 8O