local testing of web prior to upload?

As I’ve been fumbling around updating web pages and uploading them for testing, I thought it would be handy to use a local webserver to load the pages directly out of the webfiles folder. To that end I installed XAMPP (Lite, actually). I found where to change the default folder but now I get an Access forbidden error.

Does anyone else test their pages locally and, if so, how do you do it?

Most webhosts that use Apache are Unix based (Linux mostly) and there are differences between the Windows versions of Apache and Unix versions with some features not supported or supported differently.

So you might find some differences between what is required in your code for a Windows based server vs a Unix based server.

I do all of my web testing on a Unix platform, normally in a virtual host setup for that specific test and then move them to where ever they will be hosted later with normally little or no changes required between the test and production.

Renaming the page to test.html or test.php isn’t a readily apparent solution?

That is exactly what I do (when I remember :oops:). It also leaves a test bed in your files so that you have at least a starting point if you mess up further down the road.


The default location as installed is
DocumentRoot “C:/Documents and Settings/Jerry/Desktop/temp/weather/xampplite/htdocs”
which works fine. I get the default XAMPP web page.

When I change it to
DocumentRoot “C:/Program Files/wdisplay/webfiles”
which LOOKS right, I get an error whether or not I specify a specific page in the URL. This is on XP SP2. I posted a question on the XAMPP forum so I’ll see what I get back.

The real site is at e-rice which, AFAIK, is *nix and the pages work fine there.

Not sure I understand your suggestion. How does renaming the file help me test locally? My current default web site is the Carterlake AJAX set of pages. I’m tweaking the AJAX/PHP set and uploading. That still starts with wxindex.php. So, for now, it doesn’t matter if I mess something up as it isn’t “live” to anyone else. But I would like to remove the repeated uploads to simplify my life. :wink:


Are you using XAMPP or some other package? And you do have it pointing to some other location? I don’t have to use XAMPP. It was just the first one I found that looked good.

Why not just test on the webserver? Set up a subdomain with the same directory structure and you’ll be isolated from the live site, you’ll know it will work on the real server, but changes would be none or minimal when moving stuff to the main site.

I’m trying to avoid continuing uploads of the file(s) I’m working on. I have to start my FTP program (if not already running), connect, navigate to the proper folder, find/upload the files, test. The FTP connection sometimes times out while I’m working so I have to connect/navigate again. Occasionally WD monopolizes the connections uploading files for my old pages so I have to wait until it’s done. In general it’s been a pain in the *** for me. That’s why I’m looking for a local solution.

I guess it depends on how much stuff you have being uploaded. I’ve never run into a problem uploading files to the webserver.

In fact, I edit the files ON the webserver using UltraEdit using its FTP/SSH Browser ability…

FTP browser window…

Edit window (I have a number of different pages on different servers open at the same time):

Me too :thumbright:.

Filezilla will also allow you to edit directly from the ftp window, but it’s not as convenient as UltraEdit.

Reference my wxgraphic thread where my problem was repeatedly changing to the wrong folder when uploading the patched file #-o to see why I want to simplify the process.

But you’re suggestion about UltraEdit is good. I use PSPad as an editor and it, too, has the ability to edit remote files via FTP. This could work. All I’ll have to do then is remember to download corrected files for backup purposes. :lol:

Thought I’d report back on how I solved my problem.

I run WD on Windows Home Server which then uploads to my site on e-rice.net. I found a procedure to get PHP on my WHS. In WHS’s IIS I set up a web site pointing to the WD webfiles folder. I use PSPad to edit the files on my WHS and point Firefox to the WHS/WD website. Once my changes look OK I use PSPad to connect and upload the files to e-rice.