Live Police Scanning-Radioreference

hello all…

not sure it may be for everyone here that reads this but some may enjoy the info and links I am about to provide below.

Just as most of us enjoy our weather Hobby, there is a whole bunch of other folks that enjoy Police scanners/scanning and Listening in on the police/fire/ems from time to time and it is really grown to a large number of people providing live feeds to a great website called Radio Reference.

It may also be unavailable in some area’s across USA due to your local police/fire Dept’s switching to the Digital Encrypted System.

To see if there is a live feed for your area that you can listen to via Web player that can just run minimized on youir PC/Laptop…or even on your dedicated weather PC that runs 24/7…start by going to the main page of Radio Reference here:

Next click on the navigation menu that says “Live Audio”
when the blue map of USA appears click on your State
Now on next page click on your county

now scroll down to you see lists of specific live feeds nearby your location and click on the speaker Icon to the left of the name of the feed title you wish to listen to. a new window will open up, which is the web player and the live feed should auto start.

The whole thing is free to listen in and will save you money by not having to buy a real police scanner. you could leave it running as you wish on your weather pc and its like having a real scanner on in the house.I already owned a few police scanners and decided to become a feed provider for my area. My feed is the Massachusetts>Plymouth County>Middleboro/Lakeville area feed.

as I said earlier…may not be for everyone, but for those that are into this, its a great site and fun to listen in.


There is app for Android called scanner radio, which I use on a as needed basis. Not for everyone like you said.

Hello ed2kayak…

yup…I have the same app on my Android Phone. A great App.

for the Iphone I think it is named Scanner Radio Deluxe.

both are free versions, but if you get paid version it removes those nasty Ad’s.

There are numerous other police scanner apps for cell, but scanner radio I found to be the best. Nice interface and appearance.



I have one of those feeds. If you look at the Woonsocket area, you’ll see mine. I’ve been providing the feed for a couple of years now.


i have 5 feeds on RadioReference

I also have a ADS-B receiver (watch planes and listen at the same time)