List index error


Updated to 9.60a and getting the following error:

error: list index out of bounds (24) at: date/time 9:43:23 am 2/24/03

how do I fix?



Here is a weird one. Weatherdisplay for the last 2-3 versions will continue to run without a problem, with one exception. It stops updating the webpage within 4-6 hours of program start. The program is still running, just stops updating website.

Any suggestions?


One thing on webpage not updating… when I tell the program to update internet… it acts like it is, but it does not update. Only way it works is if I close the program and re-open it. it will then work for 3-6 hours and stop again.



I noticed if I uninstall 9.60a (I dont delete the directory and dont delete the .ini file) and then install 9.55c, everything works great. If I then just install 9.60a on top of 9.55c then I get the bounds error.

Hope this helps.


I am getting nearly the same error, but mine is (27) instead of (24).

i made a blunder…
9.60c fixes it
sorry about that
it was when i add the new averages/extreme data to an array for custom tags, and that data was read in at program restart…

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You fixed it! Yeah! It is now running (knock on wood) for 12 hours w/o a reboot, and no index error!

You rock!