Links to pwsWD sites

Wow! :astonished:

You can add mine - but note that Edinburgh is not in Midlothian :wink:

For your list
Uitgeest, Netherlands

you can add my PWS too
Lat: 42.4546
Lon: 12.1589
Lazio, Italy

Thank you

Newington, Connecticut USA

The latitude for Newington, CT, USA is: 41.6973 and the longitude is: -72.722829.

All links from the last few days have been added to the map.

Hi, you can add us

Elev 14 m, 38.65 °N, 9.05 °W

My site is Arachova’s Weather Station


Latitude 38° 28’ 49" N Longitude 22° 34’ 57" E Altitude 950 m

Weather station operating in Arachova village Greece since 2007.

Providing weather conditions of one of the most famous villages

during winter but also during summer!

Best Regards

Both added to the maps

My site was offline for a few months due to a hardware problem, but it’s back in action again. Please add me to the map.

Latitude: 39.266
Longitude: 77.189


Add this link to my pwsWD site if you like:

Brisbane, Queensland Home Weather Station (cumulus version) (

Here’s my site: (Pws) (wxsim forecast)

Netherlands, Culemborg

pwsWD in collaboration with WsWin

Stations Damascus, Brisbane, Assen and Culemborg have been added to the maps.

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Apologies to @EricBD . I missed this first time through, but I’ve added your station now.

You can add my station, 37.999, -3.478


Added - you’re the first Spanish station on the map :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Chris,

You can add my station to the map:

Lat: 53.023
Long: 6.591



Hi Oebel

I’ve added you. Your coordinates put you near the centre of Groningen rather than in Assen. Is that correct?

Hi Chris,

No, that is not correct.
Strange because coördinates are correct I gave you.
My place is a bit above and to the right of the station Assen which is on the map.
May be this helps?

The place on WXSIM map is correct.


Sorry, I had finger trouble on the WxSim map. I entered 53.203 rather than 53.023 :exploding_head: