Like Clockwork......July's data is gone.

As has happened in the past, all of July’s data is gone. I recreated it and uploaded it … but still not showing up.

have you found any pattern?
(its not always the same day of the month …or?)
(i.e something you have done or similar)

Maybe for those of us who dont remember can you be a bit more explicit (or point us to a previous thread)? What data exactly? On website only or both local and website?


After finding this issue, it occured to me that my Win 7 computer, during restart this morning(to install updates) restarted with an error message saying that my disc has to be checked for errors,of which it found 8…1 error which i recall seeing was “cold.jpg”, and others which I now believe were the files for July…If I look on WD console, the graphs for all of my temp, etc for today all start from “0” at about 9:30am, the same time I restarted to install Microsoft’s updates…
has anyone experienced this issue with finding errors on checking the operating system “c” drive?

make sure you have WeatherD.exe set to run as administrator
also disable automatic restarts after windows updates at 3am

OK,its checked to run as administrator…not to restart at 3am… 1 other thing…I set up my webcam yesterday and have been using it steadily without any issue. Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem or not…