Lightning type not showing...

I’ve noticed that the live lightning map is not showing the initial lightning strike type, just a dot…

You’ve got some good activity happening there! When you say it’s not showing the lightning type do you mean when you first view it, when you play back the activity, or when new strikes appear when data is refreshed?

There is only a 1 minute window when new strikes are shown with their lightning type so it may be that if it’s not happening with a data refresh the time window is too small.


it does show on the play back
the problem is not showing (well not for long enough!) when watching live
yes, we had a really good electrical storm go through the area last night!
strikes every 30 seconds visible, and rickys boltek was up to 380 strikes before he reset!

not as many strikes as in canterbury right now!
hmm I was only seeing yellow dots appearing, never any symbols… but they were on the replay… I wonder if it has anything to do with the high cpu usage i see here on the lightning screen…? stays on 100% when the lightning map is showing, otherwise about 60% for the main WDL… all seems very high even for a 1.2G w2k machine…

stays on 100% when the lightning map is showing, otherwise about 60% for the main WDL... all seems very high even for a 1.2G w2k machine...
I agree, but it does depend upon your screen size, browser and the work that WDL is doing.

Just tried it here and using IE with a full screen display of WDL I’m seeing about 30%, with the lightning map showing it goes to about 33% and replaying strikes makes no difference unless there are a lot of strikes in which case it goes to about 38%. Firefox is known to use more cpu but again testing here it’s no more than 10% extra. Cpu usage never goes above 50% and that’s not excluding other activity that might be occuring such as virus scans in the background.

If the movie is having difficulty replaying (which must be what’s happening if it’s skipping frames - hence not showing strike types) then your pc must be really struggling.


Same here with just the dots.

Next version I’ll increase the duration whereby the strike types are shown


also, now, i am bit confised
is wd’s data feed file show noise strikes or not?
also, losmon, and can others check, the data in the nextstorm.txt file should be rotating every minute, so its always the last 100 minutes of data
which version of wd are you using losmon?

thanks for all your hard work on this Julian :slight_smile:
maybe you could get nexstorm to put a link to your wdl software and a sample?

is wd's data feed file show noise strikes or not?
Yes definitely. I confirmed this by checking with the NsList utility at which clearly shows noise strikes. We need to find out how the noise strikes are identified in the feed from Nexstorm.