Lightning - Perfect

Hi Wim

Thank you for the lightning module. First strikes today and measured perfect.


Hi Wim, the lightning module gets displayed in any normal browser, but not in a smartphone view/browser?
Get it displayed on my IPAD, but not on my Iphone X.
Any way to have it also on a smartphone displayed?


In the first version, there were no small blocks in “smartphone” or very small mode.
The request was to add at least the warning block (top left) and 1 other important one.
So on a phone you see two small blocks and often the first 1 1/2 larger blocks.

If for you, the lightning block is more important, set exchange it with the “Max. / Min. Temperature” block in your settings.


Dankeschön! :smiley: Got it…

But as I see, there should be in the future also in the Standard Temperature Panel still enough space to add the Max./Min-temp- time stamps and up/down arrows?

The up- down-arrows replace the words High value and Low value
When translating High Low some languages needed far to much space.

It is a good idea, I think, for the standard temp block to move the high-low values below the temp value
and then below that the times. Will fit nicely

Please add your ideas to the wish-list so that others can comment (and i not forget it).


But you also use up-down arrows for trends. . . I tried sloping arrows (:arrow_upper_right: and :arrow_lower_right:) for trends once but the old Edge did not support them :slight_smile:

These should “always” work.
And edge uses chromium nowadays, so “not supported” should improve also.


Still a health warning here :slight_smile:

And edge uses chromium nowadays, so "not supported" should improve also.

Haven’t tried new Edge, yet, but old Edge displayed sloping arrows on a solid blue rectangle. They looked very strange.

instead of using High and low, would Minimum and /maximum work for the translations? Or, abbreviations such as min. and max?