Lightning log file

Brian ,
The lightning graph works well ( when there’s lightning )
Could you added the option to create a daily log file ( only if there’s been lightning )
If you could timestamp the number of counts per minute into a log file would be great .
This is valuable information in the Electricity industry ( sometimes relates to why we have feeder trippings )
This should keep this boss off my back :twisted:

ok, i can do that, its a good idea
looking at your picture, looks like you might have had a direct hit!

i have added this to the latest verison (and which caused a stuff up with new installations, me own silly fault)…

Brian ,
Just noticed the lightning log file gets recreated daily .
Any chance of changing things so lightning events are appended to a monthly file .

I actually had a request for the log file records today
A customer had his motherboard burn-out

Turns out we had lightning the same day :cry:

rocket man, you been flying too close to the sun again without sunscreen?!
done that now, but the server is real slow, so cant upload the new verison

I have the VP pro plus and of course Davis doesn’t provide a lightening unit. Other than going with the Boltek, what do you suggest to use in its place so that it might work with your program.

Just curious . Of course I could always have one of my more interesting students stand on the roof with a very long metal pole during a thunderstorm and then… :twisted:


Hi joe

the dallas 1 wire system can dop this for you with WD



my got fried by a near lightning strike though (the com port adaptor)

so it actually does work independently? of the weather station?

Did you have a good weekend?

yes, you just need a spare com port :), will work with any weather station (and you can add extra temperature and humidity sensors )
a car full of screaming kids?


it was OK, visited a couple of friends who have just had baby’s

noaa report eamil daily:
that is working for me, but i see it needs the headings alligned better :slight_smile:

somehow it is better to have a car full of screaming kids than a classroom of screaming teenagers. BUT on the other hand, it has been 20 years since we had wee ones around here, other than the grand daughter.

Noaa? I have not been able to get it to fly right. I’ve just downloaded 936c and will give it a try.

I appreciate the tip about the lightening . Next spring I hope to add soil moisture, soil temp and leaf wetness. Kind of moot to do it during the winter months.

Got the web cam to work. I got a different set of drivers. Of course I am photographing through the window. it distorts it a bit with the glare and things. Looking at an outside camera . Have heard two sides one wireless and no wireless. each company has their own things.


what about getting it aniamted, the web cam ?

that does work . great job.

I tried the noaa email and below is what i get

Time of Weather report: 7:08:46 PM Date of report: 12/9/2002

And nothing more.

zip and email me your 122002lg.txt log file again joe, and i will test again

does the data appear ok wehn you go to view, averages/extreme?

good about the web cam animation :slight_smile:

i still havnt got WD making a cup of coffee yet…

I don’t see anything on that page where the data is . I 'll email you the info.