Lightning Display

Most of the instruments have a place on the wdisplay main page. How about a unique show of lightning activity. A graph of history and a flash each time there is an occurance? Currently there is nothing, except e-mail notification that shows up without going to a sub menu.

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try view/lightning counts

On my table there is time of last strike, strikes in the last 30 minutes,
strikes since noon.

I also upload the lightninggraph.gif to my webpage

there is also a log lightninglog.txt which can be viewed or uploaded

here is link to my lightning page on web [no lightning activity in the period shown]

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I agree. I know the main screen is a bit crowded but maybe the option to replace another data field would work.

Maybe we could have an option to overide yesterday’s rainfall value with lightning counts today . :idea:

yesterdays rainfall value remains the same ( all day )
that’s the only value that doesn’t change ( within the Main display )

Maybe you could sqeeze today and Yesterdays values on the same line ( using a different size font )

there is a lightning graph, and its easy to get to:
right mouse click on the main screen and select lightning counts, as leo pointed out

i talked to rocketman…
and i have addeda number below the data received count…
for last 12 hour lightning counts
for the next verision…//

Thanks Brian

download a new 9.93d (but 9.93e will be ready soon)
to see this new number,