Lightning detector

I like to add to my weather setup (WM918) a One Wire Lightning Detector and Solar Radiation. I am not sure what I need to connect this two sensors to my Comp. running win2000pro. I assume it will be 1-wire hub and one serial adapter, am I right? I also like to know has some one experience with Buffalorun, Boardlist? I have send them a e-mail and never have any answers. :?:

Thank you all,

Hi Caro

You don’t need the 1-wire hub with WD. I’m using JJWare solar sensor, lightning detector and humidity sensor, plus the new AAG humidity sensor without a hub. As far as Buffalorun goes, I ordered a new lightning detector the end of June and haven’t heard anything since. They took my PayPal payment without a problem but I have sent them several emails with no responses. I know it’s a part time business for Alan, but I’ve been very disappointed so far. Jim Jennings (JJWare) used to provde EXCELLENT service. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and hope that the new lightning detector arrives some day.

Yees, you do also need the serial adaptor as you stated. Also they have just come out with a new USB adapter. I’ll send the link later, but you can find it on Maxium. Also there is a link on one of the other topics here as someone was in the process of building one when he found out the Maxium had just released the USB version.

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Hi MikeyM,
thanks for your reply, please keep us informed about your order.
I will send a order and hope I will get it.


I have changed my mind and have ordered my new instruments
by Texas Weather Instruments, Inc. I hope they are more to reliable.