Lightning counters

Hey Brian, lightning counters have quit working. Strikes are showing in the log and time of last strike on the lightning screen but the counters are not advancing. Running 9.79d and not sure what rev it quit working.

thanks Brian!


oops, i shifted a few lines of code 4 lines too soon
fixing now

grab a new 9.79d
should be Ok now

thanks Brian. Installed and hopefully will know tomorrow. Having the good 'ol afternoon storms here in the deep south of Alabama.


works great brian. as usual I start a project (flower beds) and a summer storm comes rolling in.


What part of Alabama are you from?

A few miles west of Bham in Pleasant Grove.

:smiley: Where is the lightning counter setup in the program, i heard about it just cant find it.

:o OK nevermind found it.

Hi Brian

Something isn’t adding up here:

Last minute 0
Last 30 minutes 2
Last 60 minutes 4
Last 12 hours 4
Total since noon 2
Total this month 2
Total this year 48
Time of last strike 3:51:50 pm 7/7/2003

Time now is 4:21 pm.

:? 8O :?:



yeah, i need to revamp my method
i will do that soon…

Hi Brian

Thanks, NO HURRY.

By the way, I was running 9.83 and just installed 9.83c.

Hope all is going well and that you are all “healed up”.

Hot and Humid in NE PA USA.

:smiley: :lol:



Hi Brian

I don’t know if this helps you or not, but it appears that the following are correct:

30 minute total
total since noon
total this month
total this year

The following appear to be double (x2)

The 60 minute total
Last 12 hour total

I’ll have to wait for some more lightning to confirm this.