Leuven template - blitzortung changed links?

Did blitzortung change it’s links to stop us template websites linking to them? been dead for a few days now and I see other sites also are showing it as dead…


The links for the different blitzortung maps are

Europe: http://images.blitzortung.org/Images/image_b_eu.png

NorthAmerica: http://images.blitzortung.org/Images/image_b_us.png

Australia e.o.: http://images.blitzortung.org/Images/image_b_oc.png

If you want a map for a smaller region, say Texas only, download the 2.7 update mentioned below. It contains multiple links for smaller areas.

@2.7 users
The update at the support-site " 2015-06-12 link address thunder maps changed." is still valid for all thunder/rain/clouds links.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I didn’t dare to upgrade as I was unable to locate the documentation on how to upgrade from 2.6g only full the install, and I just don’t have the time to create my entire website from scratch again … so if it exists an upgrade only procedure I would love to get a hint on where to find it :slight_smile:

Upgrades will be far easier if release 2.8 is available in a few weeks. It reads the previous settings to generate new ones.
But having a lot of extra pages makes updating more difficult, that is a fact.

And 2.6 will be fully supported for a long period to come.


Thank you :slight_smile:
Could you possible give me a hint on what files I need to change to get the blitzortung working again?


The left side icon and the bage when you click it:

weather2/wsSideColom.php line 114

weather2/inc/thunderRadar.php line 32

Succes, Wim

Brilliant, that was really helpful, thanks a bunch :smiley:

apparently blitzortung url changed so we need to put “images.” in front of the blitzorgung.org url :slight_smile: