Left Sidebar Pullout type Menu Question


this may be a question for Kentrue, but I was curious if anyone knows how I could add the pullout type menu, like seen on this Excellent Sites Left side bar. where at the end of some of his page links there is a “>” leading to multiple pages of similiar subject.

The site is here: http://www.desertweather.com/

This would be a good edition to a lot of people’s site’s that would, like myself using the Left side bar layout, who want to add 2 or more links within one expandable link.

A good example of this would be if I want to have the WD Grapgh’s, But also add in the pullout menu…My Jpgrapgh’s.

I am sure you get the picture, as you can also see what desertweather.com has done/added for expanded links to his exsiting ones, making things more compact but instead of in the traditional top head drop down type, it is done on the left sidebar expandable link style

I tried searching for a webpage that would explain how to do smething like this, but couldnt find any good ones, so if anyone also may provide a link to a site that explains this, That would be much appreciated also.

and Ken, I know you recently came out with the Drop Down style, but hopefully you can create something for the left side bar style in your next Quest.

Thank you, Chris

I found several examples at Stu’s www.cssplay.co.uk site (particularly http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menus/flyout5.html ) – I do have a plan to do a flyout-menu which would be driven from the same XML menu definition file that drives the dropdown-menu.php generator … it’s in the (somewhat growing) backlog of Programming Quests.

Best regards,

Hi Ken,

I knew you would have an answer and thank you …chris