Leaf wetness and soil moisture for 1 wire

Hello Brian

I am about to add some additional sensors to my Dallas one wire network

The Soil Temp is no problem to add.


John ,

I’ve got the leaf sensor kit on order . I’ll past onto Brian once i’ve got it made up . Won’t take long to support once Brian get’s his big fat fingers on it . :smiley:

hopefully should be OK, as hopefully it will be just a voltage reading…
check to see if you allocate its rom id (should be found as a humidity sensor) to the general purpose ADC , and see if a voltage reading is reported in the dallas 1 wire setup

I think Windys made some progress on this :slight_smile:

Hi Brian

Found this
Leaf i-button found, ID 0500001022242C30
Leaf i-button allocated to, ID 0500001022242C30 :stuck_out_tongue:

Not getting any volts though when ROM ID put in ADC
have you

Regards John

yeah, i at least can find the i buttons, and that was a start, but thats as far as i have got at this stage
the fact i had that code in there actualy might cause a problem with the normal humidity sensor…hummm
next version i will take it out, for now…

i have it working!
i was up until 1:45am working on it
was nearly there
but i had missed 1 variable to set
i finally figured it out this morning
a big thankyou to the guys at AAG for all there help!!!

i will get a version up for you to test in a jiffy jhon

Hi Brian

This is more exciting than the big win we had at work today

Regards John

it was a real slap head moment when I got it to work (and the fact it was just a variable I had not set (i knew it had to be something simple))
I scratched the sensor a bit to expose it more…soit gets a better reading when moisture is added to it

Now, a new zip 10.18t is ready to download now
and then copy the rom id found for the leaf sensor in the place provided (off to the right and down a bit)
then click on save/reset
all going well, you should see a voltage reading under where you set the rom id
(note its a -ve voltage (well it is for me, maybe vinay you wired it up back to front?)
also, there is no gaurantee it will work, as I had to set a register on with the aag test program…I have tried to do that in WD
(once that has been set initialy, it didnt need to be set again, you see)

good luck!
next step I guess will be to add calibration levels
and then add (basicly the same routine) for a soil moisture sensor (i actualy would like to measure that myself!)

and then we have the abiliity to add leaf wetness and soil moisture to any weather station type, not just a aag 1 wire station…sensors only normaly available with way more expensive stations like the Davis VP 8O

oh and i added a custom tag too:
so you can at least get the value onto a web site…to monitor it


Getting some readding and its a -ve voltage see gif

do these voltages look close to what you have Brian

Regards John

hey, look at that!!!
its working!!!

yes, those are similar voltages :slight_smile:
now I just need to put in 2 calibration points.,…dry and wet voltage…then assign a number from 1 to 15 for leaf wetness (to keep the same standard as davis vp)

in 10.18y, ready soon, you can now set thresholds, to get a leaf wetness value from 0 (dry) to 15 (wet), in the dallas 1 wire setup
i have tested this
then the vpleaf value should be availbel, to use as a custom tag, and it should even be able to be plotted on the solar/uv/vp extra real time graph (but I will have to enable that for a 1 wire station with leaf wetness)
i have set up for soil moisture, but i dont know what the calibration range is likely to be…

Hello Brian

I swapped out the leaf sensor for the soil moisture
readdings were
Dry = -0.00062812500
Soaked = -0.04500000000

is this useful Brian

Cheers John

thanks :slight_smile:
re the conflict with the humidity sensor:
i could change it to read this sensor after the humidity is read…

Hi Brian

Worth a go if this does not upset things for 1 wire setup
I have tried this out on both installations, and is the same

input the moisture ROM and the humidity freezes.
after a restart the Current/voltage for the humidity sensor
reads Zero, disconnect the moisture
meter and Humidity reads current/volts again

Keen to try

Cheers John

actualy, i checked the code, and the moisture reading is done after the humidity reading
but i think i know whats wrong
I will upload a new version sooon as

grab a new 10.18z zip version from:
http://www.weather-display.com/uploads/WeatherD.zip, now
but if gone from there, then download from the normal location

Hi Brian

same result after down loading Zipped 18x
is a puzzlings one

Regards John

ah ha
i really have the answer now :slight_smile:
uploading 10.19 (finally decided to 10.19, LOl)
this will be it!