Leaf Temperature question & WD

Do I need Leaf Temperature 1 sensor to be active before WD will read the Leaf Temperature 2 sensor?

Current setup: ISS is utilizing channel 1 (default)
Leaf/Soil station channel 2 running as a Soil station (4 temperature - 4 moisture probes)
Leaf/Soil station channel 3 running as a Leaf station (2 leaf wetness sensors - 1 temperature probe)

Reason I ask is that my ‘Push tab’ for the Leaf station first temperature connector busted when I first bought the leaf/soil station years ago. So I plugged my soil temperature probe into the second set of connectors as the leaf temperature probe.

VP live sees my Leaf Temperature 2 as active on the Leaf station, where do I check to see if WD recognizes this also?

generally… the leaf temperature with the Davis VP2, the leaf temperature is the temperature with soil probe 1 . IF with my setup I would want to find out the leaf temperature and tick those options, I would get the same reading as the soil temperature probe. Now this works with the soil temperature station.

I would try a different temperature probe and put that in a leaf mass and it should be close. Hence you would use a different temperature sensor and label that leaf temperature.

Not sure why the Davis unit has two leaf wetness probes but relies on the soil moisture 1 temperature probe to give the leaf temperature…

Its strange I agree. #-o

Right now VP Live shows my leaf temperature 2 (extra soil temp probe used in direct sunlight on channel 3) as 85 degrees, while the current air temp is 71.1 (ISS temp) degrees. So I know the Leaf temperature is working correctly. The other four soil temp and moisture sensors used on the channel 2 station are reading correctly too as they show up on my Soil page

I was just curious if in order for WD to see the leaf temperature (my extra soil temp probe used as Leaf temp). Does WD need the Leaf temperature 1 to be active/used (currently disabled) before WD can read the second Leaf temperature #2 is mainly what I’m curious about? Maybe Windy can help out here?

Leaf temperature 1 connector pair is unused as the tab broke some time ago, currently using the second pair of connectors.

I eventually want to use my extra soil temp probe inside a jar in conjunction with the Detecting Cloudy or Clear night topic.