LCD 10:0, rain rate, etc

Brian just a recap the LCD on WD needs a fix.

:arrow: See Maximum rain rate time (now reads 10.0)
:arrow: See Maximum Rain Rate; it always reads 0.000 (even if raining)
:arrow: Check rain rate at the far bottom, i never seen that change. :wink:

hello everyone, will there ever be a fix on this ?

There is only ONE Brian & hundreds of us. :frowning:
At present he is taking a well earned break after working 18-20hr days
a lot of which is HARD manual work. :o
He has stated many times that he is a full time dairy farmer with a young family. :roll:
His family & farm work must come before his software developement. :slight_smile:

Its very easy to get impatient but keep in mind that some of us users paid for WD a while ago, and Brian is not getting any more money from us and we expect our problems solved now. Plus what Leo so eloquently articulated.

We really do appreciate what Brian does for us even though we do not often voice this appreciation.

I am more than satisfied with what Brian does. This software has more whistles and bells ( but alas, no am coffee or world peace, yet!) than many others. Support excellent and the surprise add ons that come with the package are worth the beta testing.

I am predicting that eventually he will have the ultimate package and everything will work, and then things will get boring.

So cut the lad with some slack, be patient, What he can’t do the collective group here will help you .

Yeah, well im going away for all of next week so you wont hear me for 7 days :smiley: WHen I come home I got to get medication for my depression problem :frowning:

would that be dew point depression or freezing point depression?

would that be dew point depression or freezing point depression?

No lol, i would call that a mental depression problem i have.

I have a feeling, you’re going to have a lot of company, with the price of gas going up, and the economy tanking! :frowning:

Brian, let me know if you get a chance to fix this later in the day today :slight_smile:

yes, sorry, i have been concentrating on fixing things that affect the majority of people, and not so many use the lcd option,
i am now more on top of things, and so i will look into it now
sorry wet bulb guy for skirting around you for the last few weeks, hope you understand :slight_smile:
hey, good to hear you took my advice on got some help with depression:
many famous people and talented sports people have suffered from depression …and its something that should not be shut in the closet.

i have it all fixed me thinks, for vers 9.64, uploading in a tick
sorry it took me so long, i thought it would be difficult to fix.
it was a snap, took 10 minutes…