Latitude and longitude?

Hi, I’m having trouble setting my latitude and longitude in sun/moon settings. For some reason it won’t let me type in the numbers?

You set the numbers in the top box on that page (Hours/Minutes/Seconds), then select either “Set long” or “Set Lat” to enter that value into the lower boxes. Then type in your altitude and hit apply.

Yep, use the up/down buttons, don’t type the numbers.

Great stuff thanks, its now sorted :smiley:

Can anyone point me in the direction of were I can find out what my lat/long is?
I have found a couple of sites (bbc and multimap) but they give different readings for the same place which is a bit confusing!
When I put either into WD the sunset/sunrise times are about two hours out, or could that be due to not yet entering the altitude?
Oh and were can I find out my altitude? :lol:


dotty, did you see the latest versino 10.19s has a crc error check for your weather station now?
(i.e no more data spikes)

Send me a PM with your address in it and I’ll get it from a GPS map for you. The sunrise/sunset times aren’t affected by altitude, but will be affected by lat/long. If you’re in Lincolnshire I’d guess your altitude can’t be more than about 10-20 feet!

These guys have an interactive map select Great Britain, find Spalding, click you exact location on the map, lat long is in blue banner towards the bottom of the page.

Thanks guys
you were all a great help
I am gradualy getting my head around this software