Latest build 83 - 19/10

This build has totally messed up the system - graphs all over the place - failed to reset at midnight - data missing off the screen - colors changed - solar lines missing - failed to properly process the latest download.
Gee Brian what got so messed up please ?

no problems here
any error under view, program event log?

someone else had this problem
and there was an access violation under view, program event log
(which is why I asked if you had that error)
the debug version showed it was a problem that occured if the background colour of the windchill depression had been changed
use a new .zip update to fix the problem

The latest build 84 seems to have fixed it but I have now lost almost a days data - is not in the logs so lost forever.
I did NOT change the color of anything - updating the program to 83 did.
Do not know what was in the error log as i stopped the program before looking.
Your first version of 84 was also a disaster - after down loading data it immediately restated the program - not so with this version.
We will continue and see what transpires.

you would have at some stage in the past set the background colour of the windchill depression
only with that being set would the introduced bug show up

stopping the program straight away before all the history data is sent from the wmr200 would enable that history data to be able to be used in a working version of WD
(as the WMR200 only send the data once)

I thought you were going to change to running WD all the time?

One cant stop the download mid download unless it is obvious there is a proble. The problems usually show up after the down load has been completed.
I well may have changed the color at sometime.
I have never intended to ro run this all the time.